mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Fighting Dogs Species Akita Inu

Predecessor as fighting dogs species

Ancestor dog Akita dog is a "Akita stride" and stride dog called mountain hunting dog. Originally large dog to Nipponinu does not exist, it was a bear hound of Akita Matagi also medium-sized. In Edo era, Akita region of north Dewa Province, It was governed by Satake. Satake is a Tozama daimyo that has been Tenpuu from Hitachi Province after the Battle of Sekigahara, for the improvement of the castle and armed in the clan has been strictly regulated by the Edo shogunate, from around 1630 years of Keicho (Kanei 7 years) and encouraged as fighting dogs to feed the fighting spirit of the samurai.

Around the Satake Soke Kubota Castle in Satake house, Higashi-ka of the clan, Nishiie, Kita-ka, the south house, Kubota each castle, Odate, Kakunodate, it has been placed in Yuzawa, especially Satake Nishiie (Shoba house) fighting dogs become popular in the reign Odate district, by the hands of people who want a strong big body dogs, mating, such as indigenous dogs and stride dog has been made. Although this dog is the ancestor of the Akita dog, at that time there are regional differences in the type in Akita Prefecture, this dog was what is called a "Odate dog" of Odate-Noshiro local Kenkita.

Fighting dogs heat even if age is moved Akita unabated, when it comes to the Meiji era, crossing with other local breeds and large dog species of exotic came to be actively carried out. 1897 from (1897) Nowadays, Akita and side by side has come in the tosa from thriving in that were Kochi Prefecture of fighting dogs (then tosa upsizing by performing crossed with Hiroshi dog), more day since Qing war, are also included Sakhalin dogs and Hokkaido brought in by people who went to south Sakhalin.

On the other hand, as the species Yo dog, dog and that appeared to First Kosaka copper mine Mastiff was a dog of German engineer, since the middle of the Meiji era also mating with such as German Shepherd Dog and Great Dane was done . This Tatsumimi, dogs Spitz type original features have been lost, such as Makio was called Shin Akita against old Akita stride.

Edo, and but Meiji and actively done the fighting dogs, also the end of the 1908 Meiji (1908), in view of the social evils, fighting dogs ban has been issued finally in the prefecture. Metropolitan Police Department is that of the the July 26, 1916 to prohibit the fighting dogs, cockfighting, bullfighting, besides the ban for the first time in eight years, reminiscent of an incandescent first time in the prefecture. On the type of disturbance by Zatsu-ka with Hiroshi dogs, fighting dogs ban, such as overlaps Hiroshi dog growing popularity, misfortune of the era was followed by some time for the Akita dog.

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